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In just seconds, host free video calls with your team and stay productive. No download needed, it opens right in your web browser.

The Free Video Conferencing Platform to Connect Your Team

Hold more meaningful meetings. Roundee makes it simple to keep in touch with teammates, clients and business partners through high-definition video calls. One of the most fully-loaded online video conferencing services, Roundee delivers the features you need at a price you’ll love – free! Built from the ground up for the modern work environment, it makes holding richer, deeper meetings simpler than ever before. No software installation, no hardware setup – one simple click and you’re collaborating with your team.

Roundee transforms the way you work. In addition to delivering high-definition video conferencing and screen sharing, it makes documenting meetings simple, easy and effortless. All meetings can be easily recorded at the touch of a button. Once you hang up, your recording will be uploaded to the cloud within seconds, allowing you to view, download and share a full copy of your meeting. Whether for record-keeping or to ensure that everyone’ staying on target, Roundee’s automatic recording feature is a game-changer.

Making professional video conferencing possible on any budget

Don’t let geography get in the way of you doing your best work. Our free video conferencing services equip you with the tools you need to connect with your team, wherever they are. Offering one-click, zero-install, Slack-integrated calls on mobile, desktop, tablets and more, it’s the ideal solution for anyone and any business looking for a teleconferencing solution that works where you do.

Free your team with mobile-ready group video conferencing

If you’re ready to start working smarter, make the switch to one of the world’s leading free video conferencing applications today. Ideal for corporate teams, freelancers and small businesses, Roundee helps you keep in touch with the people that power your business. Just click ‘Host meeting now’ on the homepage and discover why so many people around the globe are using Roundee to help them collaborate and innovate.


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