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  • How do I invite others to join the call?

    After you start a meeting call, you can invite up to 5 people to join the meeting by copying the link (URL), or by sending an email to invitees directly from roundee.io.

  • How do I share my screen?


    To start sharing your screen, click the Share Screen button in the bottom toolbar (only one participant can share at a time).
    Note that if you are using Chrome or Opera browser, you need to install an extension in your web browser for sharing your screen due to security reasons. Viewing the shared screen doesn’t require users to install the extension.


    At this time, mobile screen sharing is not available. But users who participate in the meeting call may view the shared screen from a mobile or desktop device.

  • How do I download my recording?

    A few minutes after the meeting call ends, you’ll receive a web page link to your email or from Slack Bot (if integrated). You can download your recording file from the cloud recording page. Each meeting recording is available for 2 weeks.

  • Who can record a meeting?

    Only the host of the meeting call can record a meeting.

  • How long can I record a meeting?

    You can record up to 1 hour per meeting at this time.

  • How can I share my recording?

    You can copy and share the link (URL) of the cloud recording page, which is available for 2 weeks.

  • Which web browsers does roundee.io support?

    Roundee.io works on Google Chrome (recommended), Safari (above 11 version), Firefox, and Opera browsers.

    Desktop Browser:

    Google Chrome (recommended), Safari (above 11 version), Firefox, and Opera.

    Android OS Browser:

    Google Chrome for Android

    iOS browser (iPhone, iPad):

    Safari (above 11 version)

    Not Supported:

    Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge

  • How secure is my connection?

    Roundee.io encrypts both signal and media content. It uses HTTPS (SSL/TLS) to encrypt data in transactions between a user client and servers. If you are using a firewall, please open access for outgoing traffic via TCP and UDP to port 443 on hosts on the roundee.io. domain.

  • How do I join a meeting as a guest?

    To join a meeting, simply click on the meeting call link (URL) that you received from the host and enter your Email ID once. No installation is required.

  • How do I control the meeting environment?

    First, you can optimize your audio and video quality when you enter the meeting room, or anytime during the meeting, by adjusting the settings. Second, you can turn your microphone and/or camera off and back on at any time during the meeting. Third, the meeting host can turn off the microphone of any guests during the meeting.

  • What are the minimum network speeds requirements to use roundee.io?

    For a full conversation including 6 participants, the recommended network speeds are 1 Mbps for outbound and 3.2 Mbps for inbound. For a one-on-one conversation, the recommended network speeds are 1.0 Mbps outbound and 1.0 Mbps inbound.

    You can adjust your audio and video quality according to the network environment when you enter the meeting room, or anytime during the meeting.

  • How Do I add Timestamped Notes?

    During Meeting

    First, click on the record button to activate the timestamped note function. Then, write down something short and memorable for you to review later. Press send and your note will be timestamped with the video record at the time you pressed send.

    You may also create a blank note if you don’t have time to write during your meeting. After the meeting you can go back and fill in your note. Two types of shortcuts exist to create a blank note.

    Keyboard Shortcuts (alt+n)

    Pressing alt+n on your keyboard while recording will automatically create a new blank note. You can use this keyboard shortcut with the note panel open or closed.

    Note Category

    Press the blue lightning icon and select one category. Clicking the category icon will automatically create a blank note.

    After Meeting

    If you didn’t have time to create notes during your meeting or you want to add new ones, the meeting host can create them after the meeting from the video recording page.

    First, go to the point of the video where you would like to create a note, for example, 1:10. Then click the add note button located under the player bar. Type your message and click on add note button.

    All notes can be edited or deleted.

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