Why Your Finance Department Will Love Roundee

Your finance department plays a crucial role in the functioning of your business, ensuring that your staff get paid, bills are met and your books are balanced. At Roundee we understand that a video conferencing solution has to gel with every level of your business, including the back office.

We’ve built our platform from the ground up to deliver the best experience possible – read on and learn why we think it’s the prudent, reliable solution that even the most risk-averse financial team-member will appreciate.

No lower cost than free

Businesses can – and have – spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on cutting-edge dedicated teleconferencing systems. Comprised of purpose-designed hardware and software, these machines were the dominant way of conducting video conferences at the corporate level for much of the 1990s and 2000s.

With every internet-enabled device sold today coming equipped with a camera and microphone, the need for dedicated hardware has shrunk to all but a few specialist cases. Unfortunately, that hasn’t changed the software buying habits of many businesses who are still paying significant amounts of money to license video conferencing software.

These software suites can be expensive – a single license for a single user can cost hundreds of dollars a year, with enterprise licenses running into the four and five digits. Sometimes these licenses don’t include support, attracting further costs in the form of additional maintenance fees.

At Roundee, we think direct, effective communication is the cornerstone of every successful business, so we offer our service for free. Use Roundee as much as you like – the only operating cost is the internet connection you’ve already budgeted for. Enjoy beautiful, high-definition video conferencing for free with Roundee.

Delivering the pinnacle of accountability

Accountability is a key concern of every business – being able to trace back individual actions and ideas to responsible parties ensures transparency and fosters a sense of teamwork within an organisation. Unfortunately, many common methods of communication such as phone and VoIP calls, as well as WhatsApp and other encrypted messaging systems, do not provide the level of transparency many businesses are looking for.

Frustrating this is that many of the systems that offer the highest levels of accountability and ease of archiving – email, certain instant messaging programs, etc – are not ideal for creating the kind of deep, personal relationships between a service provider and a client.

Roundee offers a solution. State-of-the-art video conferencing capabilities are paired with rapid, one-click recording services, creating a comprehensive record of each and every meeting your staff are in. You’ll enjoy the pinnacle of accountability, while your team and their clients benefit from crystal clear audio and vivid, high definition video that creates a deeper, more engaging and productive meeting.

You’ll be able to determine who exactly said what and when to whom, helping you keep a full and complete record of your dealings with leads, prospects and clients. Know exactly who your top performing account managers are, who over-promised in a meeting and how a client relationship changed over time with Roundee.

Host free video calls with your teams in just a few seconds and stay productive. No download required, it works on your web browser.

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