Why Your CTO Will Love Roundee

At Roundee, we pride ourselves on being a forward-looking company that develops technology that stands up in the most demanding environments.

We believe that our video conferencing system has the flexibility, security and reliability every business needs to get the job done – exactly the qualities your chief technology officer looks for in key infrastructure.

If you’re wondering whether or not to make Roundee part of your business, read on and let us explain how we stand out from the crowd.

Easy archiving

In the wake of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation becoming enforceable, proper data management has become priority one for many companies across a wide range of industries. The need to have clear visibility over the data you’re creating, where it’s stored and whose identities you’ve captured is vital, as a failure of record-keeping could result in substantial financial penalties.

Roundee makes it easy to keep records on who your team are speaking to and when. One-click recording functionality allows you to capture a meeting in its entirety and download it in a range of portable and easily storable standard formats, making responsible data retention and provision of data to affected customers on demand simple, easy and straightforward.

Platform agnostic

Windows & Mac, Chrome & Internet Explorer, iOS and Android – juggling the different system configurations and software requirements of your team can be a nightmare. In some cases you may find yourself buying multiple enterprise licenses for the same program just to ensure that your whole team can have access to the same features.

This process is even more complex when your company has introduced a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, as the degree of uniformity you can enforce is sharply limited. With so many devices of different ages and from different manufacturers, finding software that runs on the newest mobile phone and a ten-year-old laptop can be nearly impossible.

Roundee offers a solution for companies seeking a video conferencing solution that works everywhere. A fully browser-based platform, Roundee works wherever you do and on whatever you have. Completely platform agnostic, you only need a modern internet browser and an internet connection to get started. Simply start a meeting from our homepage and we’ll take care of the rest. Trust us when we say the device you’re reading this on runs Roundee.

Zero install

It’s not just finding software that works with your system that’s the hard part, it’s keeping it up to date. Threats to your network are constantly evolving and multiplying, so ensuring the safety of your clients’ data and your employees’ data means regular security and functionality updates to every component in your network.

From terminal operating systems to networks hardware, business software and mobile device firmware, there are so many ways your network could be compromised. A missed update or a late release by IT could leave just enough of a window for a serious violation of your customers’ privacy.

Make your attack surface as small as possible by switching your company over to cloud-based or SaaS solutions such as Roundee. A video conferencing service that runs completely in the cloud, we allow you to enjoy high-definition video calls built on advanced technology, while we take care of the routine maintenance.

Start building a smarter system by introducing your team to Roundee – a cutting-edge video conferencing platform that’s sure to meet the requirements of every CTO.

Host free video calls with your teams in just a few seconds and stay productive. No download required, it works on your web browser.

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