Roundee, intelligent video solution

There are dozens of video conferencing solutions out there, but there is only one that intelligently conforms to your business needs and helps you move towards your goals. Roundee blends rock-solid stability with beautiful high-definition calls – but it’s our advanced features that set us apart from the pack. Here are four reasons why Roundee needs to be on the radar of anyone looking for a more intelligent way to work. 

One-click meeting recordings

We all know face-to-face conversations are so much more meaningful than email, but text-based communication has considerable benefits: offering a full record of the conversation, being accessible when and where it suits participants, and capable of occurring remotely.

Roundee offers you both, allowing you to enjoy the flexibility of text-based communication with the effectiveness of meeting someone in person. Remote face-to-face communication isn’t new – we’ve explored the 80-year history of video conferencing extensively – but what Roundee offers over the competition is a way to blend that with the accountability offered by email. Our advanced recording functionality allows the meeting host to capture audio and video from each participant, exporting it in a range of easily archivable video and audio formats. To make review even easier, hosts can take time-stamped notes to capture key insights and crucial comments, helping you create a complete record of your interactions with a client or your discussions around a project. 

Works where you do 

Workers and their employers have never had more devices to deal with. With bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies growing in popularity, your IT guy could be responsible for ensuring a consistent workspace experience across hundreds of unique devices from dozens of manufacturers in a wide range of configurations. From tablets to mobile phones, desktops, and laptops, keeping track of all of them has never been more difficult. 

Make your job simpler and reduce the number of headaches faced by your IT staff by choosing platform-agnostic software. Roundee runs entirely in a browser, delivering the same high-quality video conferencing experience on screens big and small, fixed and portable. We’re part of a new wave of software developers embracing the tech plurality of the modern office environment, building tools that work wherever, whenever and on whatever you want them to. 

Screen share 

Being able to see a project from a number of points of view is a key skill for any leader or manager to cultivate. But stepping into someone else’s shoes is often easier said than done. When it’s not enough to tell someone about a problem or an idea, and you need to show it, do it with Roundee. 

Our screen sharing functionality is fast, reliable and feature-rich, allowing you to broadcast exactly what you’re seeing at the click of a button. Ideal for presentations, troubleshooting, and brainstorming, screen sharing with Roundee helps you avoid miscommunication and ensure that your message is heard – and seen – loud and clear. Best of all, screen shares are included in all recordings, allowing you to review presentations quickly and easily. 

Full Slack integration 

We know where business is done. Millions of workers around the globe rely on Slack to plan with colleagues, communicate with clients and report to superiors. To help them communicate smarter, we’ve integrated Roundee tightly into the Slack ecosystem. Start a team meeting with a single command and have the recording sent straight to your Slack inbox within seconds of hanging up. Communicate faster, easier and more fluently with Slack and Roundee. 

Sign up today for a free account and take advantage of the full range of features offered by Roundee. Members get access to a range of additional functionalities, including a convenient dashboard for meeting schedule and review, their own personalized URL for meetings, and extended cloud storage for recordings.