Webcam for Video Conferencing

What Is the Best Webcam for Video Conferencing?

Looking for the right webcam to get the best video conferencing experience? The good news is that there is no one single model that’s going to blow away the rest of the competition. With hundreds of manufacturers offering thousands of models, picking just one is going to be too difficult for anyone. 

Fortunately, as long as you choose a camera with a few key features, you’ll be guaranteed easy, high quality video conferences. What’s surprising is that none of these are features you’ll even think about every time you start a video conference – where they shine is that they invisibly make the call experience smoother and more efficient, removing many of the problems that plague teleconferencing. That’s why at Roundee, we think they’re absolutely essential. 

Read on and learn what you need to look for to ensure that you’re getting the best webcam for video conferencing. 

Full HD recording

When it comes to communicating with colleagues and clients, it’s the details that matter. A low-quality video feed can distract from the very things its presenting, meaning that your conversation partner is focusing on trying to make you out, rather than on what you’re saying. 

Ensure that your colleagues and clients are able to give your message their full attention by choosing a camera offering full high-definition recording. Also referred to as 1080p recording, choosing a camera that boasts full HD recording not only ensures a smoother video conferencing experience for simple face-to-face calls, it opens the door to more inventive uses such as live presentations, seminars and group conversations. Some new cameras on the market offer even greater recording capabilities, capable of shooting in Ultra HD or 4K. These cameras boast resolutions four times larger than standard Full HD, allowing even larger areas to be shot in comfortable levels of detail. 

Rapid, multi-step autofocus

If you’ve ever tried to use a camera’s manual mode without understanding how, you’ll know the importance of a good autofocus. While we may not think it as important as other features, quality autofocus is vital for smooth and effective video conferencing. 

Your webcam may not be required to keep a sprinting athlete or flying bird in perfect focus, but it does need to account for each and every movement within the frame. A simple act like sitting further back in your chair, tilting your head or leaning forward to scrutinise a document sent to you by a colleague requires an adjustment in focus. Should you be using your webcam to capture a seminar or presentation, this need is even keener as more and smaller subjects on screen and requires more and faster autofocus adjustments. 

Automatic lighting correction

An absolute must for any video conferencing set up but especially for workers on the go, automatic lighting correction ensures that whether you’re outside in midday summer sun or indoors under weak halogen lighting, details will be clear, crisp and visible. 

Lighting conditions can change rapidly between locations and even within the same location between different parts of the day. A three-hour meeting could start at noon when the light is at its best and quickly move into a darker and less well-lit part of the day. The right camera will ensure that you’re always well represented, taking these conditions into account and adjusting the capture on the fly. 

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