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What Features Do I Need in A Video Conferencing Solution?

What makes a good video conferencing platform?

With more businesses turning towards teleconferencing as a more general solution for communicating with clients and between departments, determining the answer to this has never been more pressing. 

Complicating this is an exploding number of services that promise often starkly different experiences, meaning that even starting your search can be difficult. 

Fortunately, Roundee is here to help. We’ve got three tests you can apply to any video conferencing service to help you judge its suitability for your business. Before you book a demo, ask yourself, is the product you’re about to try…


Like any software or any piece of infrastructure, your video conferencing platform needs to support growth. As your business develops, matures and changes, your tools need to keep pace, ensuring that should you double, triple or quadruple your staff, it will still provide value to your company. 

This means thinking ahead about the kind of growth you want and the rate at which you need to grow. With your new five-year plan in hand, you can start shopping around for a solution in earnest. Fundamentally, you want something that isn’t bound by your onsite hardware – no one wants to have to rebuy computers or server racks when they don’t have to. That means looking to the cloud. 

Equally, you need a piece of software that requires minimal maintenance on your part. The labour costs attached to installation, servicing and updating of software can nearly be extraordinary, but fortunately there is a way to defray them. Choosing a browser-based system like Roundee means zero install and zero maintenance, allowing your employees to simply jump online, sign up and go. 


Stuttering video conferences and dropped VoIP calls are the bane of many office workers. If you’ve invested in a good quality, high-bandwidth internet connection, you want to see it put to good use. Constant interruptions can sour relationships with clients and means that employees miss crucial information 

Selecting a video conferencing solution that delivers rock-solid performance at peak times allows your business to effortlessly manage even dozens of calls at the same time. If you’re an organisation with a client list that runs into the hundreds or thousands and has a team of account managers to service them, ensure that each and every one of your customers receives the care they need whenever they call by choosing a more reliable video conferencing solution. 


In the 21st century, your business needs to be agile. Get tools that enable that. Allowing your staff to work wherever and whenever means faster resolutions to problems and happier customers. Key to that is choosing software that works wherever and whenever you need it, and on whatever device you have. 

Don’t limit yourself to conducting all video calls through a single desktop computer – select a conferencing suite that runs equally well on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. Roundee is a fully platform-agnostic video conferencing program, delivering the same great features and the same quality of call on devices big, small, fixed and portable. Whether you’re trying to harmonise service delivery across a number of offices or encouraging more inventive ways of working offsite and at home, Roundee is the key. 

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