The Three Qualities That Make A Good Team

It’s a question that vexes managers and coaches in equal measure. How do I build a championship winning team? 

Between books, articles and columns, a lot of ink has been spilled detailing what goes into creating a successful team, and while we can’t provide you with a comprehensive answer, we at Roundee can give you a strong foundation from which to begin your search. 

Read on and learn the three things your team needs to ensure it’s got the best possible chance of being the biggest success it can be. 

1. You have specialists who can see the big picture

The increasing complexity of the business world is demanding deeper and more specialised knowledge of organisations. New roles such as data scientist and social media manager have moved from being nice-to-haves to being absolutely essential to competing in the modern market in as little as five years. Combined with the ascendency of new markets in places such as India, China and Brazil, the need to build a team of experts has never been keener. 

Despite this increased focus on technical and specialist knowledge, it’s vital that each person in the team remains focused on the bigger picture. A person isn’t a machine – they can’t simply be programmed and left to perform a repetitive task. Choosing team members who understand how their work moves the project towards completion and the organisation towards success is essential. Otherwise, they may produce work that solves an immediate problem but does not address the medium-term and long-term needs of the organisation. 

2. You have the right leadership

That big picture needs to be set by someone, and more likely than not it’s going to be you. A leader provides a team with direction, vision and encouragement, giving them a target and offering them with the tools and support they need to get there. 

It’s not enough to be competent, leaders have to understand how each individual and each component fits together into a cohesive whole. For this reason, it’s much better to be the architect of your own team. The process of building your department or your organisation give you a depth of understanding that’s difficult to achieve otherwise.


3. You communicate often and well

Hand-in-hand with an awareness of how they fit into a team comes a willingness to share ideas. After all, the big picture is made up of lots of smaller ones joined together. 

A strong team is able to share ideas, brainstorm on problems and communicate that specialist knowledge that they possess. It’s rare that a complex problem can be solved by a single person, and the best solutions often come from a combination of approaches. 

This can become difficult as your company expands and your team grows. It’s rare for any company to find the world-beating talent they need in a single, convenient location, so many start-ups are increasingly flexible about remote work, often hiring specialists in other countries and regions. 

While often the right choice to ensure that your organization has the strongest bench of talent, this can create some unfortunate side effects, namely the issue of communication. With different team members in different regions and sometimes drastically different time zones, how do you keep everyone on the same page? In person meetings may be rare to the point of impossibility, but that doesn’t mean you can’t meet face-to-face with a robust video conferencing platform. With a bit of scheduling, a webcam and a Roundee room, you’ll be able to hold meaningful meetings with your team, no matter where they are. 

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