The Best Video Conferencing Apps for Small Businesses

How to Choose the Best Video Conferencing Platform for Your Small Business 

There are a wealth of video conferencing platforms targeted at businesses, but with so many different feature sets, pricing models and configurations, how do you pick the one most suitable to you?

At Roundee, we know what a struggle it can be for business-owners to find a system that suits their requirements. To help you narrow down the field, we’ve put together this short list of things to consider before you sign up for a video conferencing service. Read on and make an informed choice.  

What are your needs? 

First things first, how will you use video conferencing in your business? Are you struggling to keep your employees on the same page across different offices? Do you have information silos that need breaking down? Or are you looking for a more powerful, meaningful way to reach your clients? 

Additionally, what hardware your team will be conferencing in from is a major factor. If you’ve got a team that’s equally split between Mac and PC, choosing a suite that runs perfectly on Windows and sloppily on macOS isn’t going to lead to a happy office. Furthermore, if your team is on the road a lot meeting prospective or current clients, how will they keep in touch with base if the software doesn’t work on mobile? 

These are important questions to consider, as they’ll help determine what you need from any video conferencing platform you embrace. 

Think carefully about your growth 

It’s not just about finding a platform that meets your needs now, but will meet them in 6 months’ time, 12 months’ time, and 5 years’ time. If your company has any dreams of growing beyond its current state, its vital that you find tools that can grow with you. 

This is where many software suites (not just video conferencing platforms) fall down – while they deliver exceptional performance and functionality in the now, the needs of the business rapidly outstrip the program’s ability to meet them. At their worst, this lack of scalability can result in significant reductions in productivity, hobbling the ability of the business to function at its very best. 

Consider your costs

As a small business, maximising your cash-flow should be a top priority. Not only does a healthy cash-flow allow you to seize opportunities to buy products in bulk or purchase plant or equipment as they present themselves, it also provides you with a degree of protection when business goes through a natural trough. 

That means squeezing every penny. With so much of a business’ mission-critical tools – including video conferencing – moving to subscription based, software-as-a-service models, it’s easy to let your spending get away from you. As your business grows and you add new staff to your video conferencing subscription, those costs can quickly rack up. 

Finding a low-cost alternative could be just the thing to help you control your expenses. Roundee is a completely free, fully scalable and extremely flexible video conferencing platform, allowing users to make and receive high-definition video calls from phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. 

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