How to Manage VIdeo Meetings with Roundee

Managing Larger Video Meetings – How to Do It Right

A one-on-one video conference can be difficult enough to schedule and pull off successfully, but as the number of participants climb, the difficulties for the host can multiply with them. 

If you’re responsible for managing a video conference involving a dozen or more people, how do you ensure that your meeting is productive and efficient?

At Roundee, we want every meeting to be a success, so we’ve put together this short guide outlining a few things you should be aware of before you schedule your next video conference. Read on and be a hosting master. 

Set yourself up for success 

When it comes to planning a video conference with more than a handful of people, often the difference between a smooth and productive meeting and one that leaves participants frustrated and confused is the level and type of preparation by the host. 

Just like with any meeting, proper planning and preparation is going to prevent poor performance. However, the added complexities of a video conference requires a bit more care than your average stand-up, in-person meeting will. 

First things first, put together an agenda and meeting outline. This needs to be tight and focused. A poorly timed or managed video conference can easily drag on and become frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you’re realistic about how much you can get through in the amount of time set aside for the meeting and ensure that every participant is on the same page, you can maximize your chances of keeping the meeting productive. 

Secondly, keep the amount of time you’re waiting for stragglers to a minimum by pre-registering or scheduling the meeting. People lead busy lives, and rarely does a task take precisely an hour to finish. All the same, waiting for one person can waste the time of the other participants, so help people stay punctual and wrap up other business on time by scheduling the meeting ahead of time. Many video conferencing services allow you to pre-register participants ahead of the start time, sending them an automatic invite when it’s nearly time to begin the meeting. 

Get the right service 

Planning is essential, but it’s all for nothing if you’re let down by the execution. The weak link in many video conferences is often the video conferencing system itself. When you break down what goes into these events, it’s easy to see why – video conferencing is bandwidth intensive, with dozens of participants sending and receiving audio and video simultaneously. With all that data flying back and forth, it can be easy for some sub-standard systems to fall over when they’re most needed. 

If you’re looking to make video conferencing a regular part of your business, take the time to rigorously stress test a few systems. You’re looking for a video conferencing platform that won’t stutter, lag or disconnect even with up to a large number participants all broadcasting in high definition at the same time. Check your setup well ahead of the scheduled meeting time and minimize the time lost to technical issues. 

A key part of any video conferencing set up is the system you run it on. When you’re dealing with a large number of participants, you need a fast, efficient and secure system that delivers high quality communication. Enjoy the best video conferencing experience on the net with Roundee, now offering support for up to 14 participants in a single meeting. Sign up for free today and hold a more meaningful meeting.

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