How Video Conferencing Enables Freelancers

Business technology is normally thought of as the domain of, well, businesses, but that isn’t the whole story. More and more freelancers – independent sole trader working on short-term contracts with other individuals or organisations – are looking to these tools to help them deliver the best possible service to their clients.

While many are discovering the value that cloud-based file sharing and project management software suites can offer them, some freelancers are still thoroughly stuck in the 20th century when it comes to their communication methods. These individuals rely primarily on telephone and email to communicate with clients and other stakeholders.

If you’re truly hoping to be as agile a worker as you can be, you need to rethink the way you speak to the people most vital to your work. Read on and learn how video conferencing could be just the change you need to make, modernising your working and communication practices for the better.  

Better communicate with your clients

Communication is key as a freelancer. Working outside of a client’s office means that you don’t have the ability to just walk over to their desk and ask them a question when and if arises.

This gulf in communication can sometimes lead to some unfortunate events for both you and the client – after all, there’s no worse feeling for either of you than realising that the brief was miscommunicated or misinterpreted. With text communication so easy to misconstrue and phone calls not being able to transmit documents and other supporting files, finding a reliable and versatile communication method can be difficult.

Consider video conferencing. Not only does it provide the immediacy of voice communication, it also allows you to read the additional non-verbal cues that we all rely on to interpret a message. You’ll be able to speak face-to-face with your client, all the while exchanging files and sharing your screen in real-time. The result? Richer, more meaningful, and more productive moments of communication between client and freelancer, and a reduced risk of error. Create better work faster while building a stronger relationship with your clients with video conferencing.


Feel like you’re part of the team

Whether you regularly outsource for a company or are part of an ad hoc fulfilment team brought together for a single project, feeling like you’re responsible for part of a project is vital. Without that feeling of responsibility, it can be difficult to get the sense that what you’re doing has any impact.

Key to creating responsibility in a team is seeing how your work is received by others and understanding how you fit into the broader puzzle. The stilted nature and shallowness of most emails means that text is often not the best way to go about this. Video conferencing offers an alternative. Being able to have multi-sided conversations with your entire team at once makes it easier to divide work, seek feedback and gauge your own impact on the project. Regular catchups via video conferencing outside of reaching any specific goal or project state makes you feel more like a team than a loose network of individuals.

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