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Communications technology has changed the way that we conduct business, the way we engage with the world around us, and the way that we work. New businesses are presented with more opportunities than ever before, often reaching far beyond their home country much sooner than organizations of the past. 

But these fresh opportunities bring new challenges. If you’re looking to prepare your business for the global marketplace, you need to rethink the tools you choose and how you use them. 

It’s hard to build a real rapport through email. Traditional modes of establishing and maintaining contact begin to appear overly stiff and formal quickly when you realize how few opportunities there are for globally bound businesses to meet in person.

Businesses of all kinds looking to expand their reach into foreign markets need a communications channel that enables deep, personable communication, even at a great distance. 

Drive the Success of your Global Business with Roundee

Success in the global marketplace means being in many places at once. However, technology that’s either inflexible or insufficient for your needs requires you to compromise. Many organizations are relying on what are now increasingly outdated methods of contact to help them develop and maintain business relationships. To meet the challenges of today, businesses need a more modern approach.

Text-based communication is all well and good but can put a cap on your ability to communicate with other people. Working within a multi-lingual market requires that businesses find ways of communicating quickly and effectively with people of every market. Moving away from emails and Slack and towards options like video conferencing capitalizes on the fact that many multilingual people learn to speak a language before they learn to read it. Additionally, it also provides them with crucial context clues about your intended meaning that text communication simply doesn’t provide. 

Where the Name Leads the Operation

The pervasive presence of social media in modern society means that a business getting some good buzz in its home region can quickly find itself in high demand in markets a world away. 

Consider Uber – well before it had even arrived in many countries, it was a household name thanks to its distinct branding and thoroughly 21st-century approach to transportation. This multi-billion-dollar powerhouse is a great example of the sheer depth of brand awareness and potential that the global marketplace holds for new and emerging businesses. 

Those businesses seeking to drive their own success stories in the multilingual, multinational global market can look to examples like this to draw inspiration. They’ll be well served to draw on the strengths of new channels of communication that let the name lead the operation, giving them the muscle needed to push brand awareness in a way that draws on the personability that these channels foster.

Find the Answer to Your Communication Needs with Roundee

If your organization is looking abroad for its next opportunity, choose a communications channel that helps you forge, stronger, lasting connections with the people most important to your business. Roundee is that channel.

 We understand that a good platform will support – but not shape – how your business grows; that’s why we built Roundee to be completely platform-agnostic, allowing you to use it anywhere, on mobile, tablet or computer. We can’t help you learn another language, but we can help you remove some of the technological roadblocks faced by many businesses reaching overseas by delivering a service that works equally well in any language and on any device. 

Sign up today for a free account and take advantage of a range of additional features, including a custom meeting URL that makes inviting and connecting with individuals and businesses far and wide an easy and stress-free task. 

Make your first call today with Roundee and be heard – no matter what language you speak.