How to Attend Video Conferencing Interview in 2019

The job interview is changing. No more awkward waits in the lobby, no more same grey suit, no more blocking out whole afternoons for recruiters to work through candidates – technology, like so many other things, has changed it forever.

Video conferencing has made the traditional job interview process a thing of the past for so many employers and recruiters, freeing up time for other duties that help them get the best result for the company. It’s a relief for job applicants as well who now have more energy to focus on nailing the interview.

If you’re a recruiter or employer considering making the switch away from the old-fashioned way of doing job interviews but are still on the fence, let the team at Roundee show you why you should be considering video conferencing to help you find new team-members. For job applicants, we’ll give you the tips you need to succeed – learn not just how to attend a video conferencing interview, but how to ace it.

Whatever side of the desk you’re on, read on and let Roundee show you can how you can use video conferencing to your advantage at your next job interview.

For recruiters: Why video conferencing is the perfect interview method

The whole applicant screening process is time-consuming, but no part is more taxing than job interviews. After you’ve nailed down your shortlist of applicants, the real work of methodically testing each of them begins. Depending on the nature of your industry and the precise role you’re hiring for, the interview process for a single applicant can be anything from a single 10-minute chat to multiple hours-long discussions and tests.

Compounding this is the unpredictable nature of people and the ad hoc nature of the interview process. Even with a series of applicants who are all punctual and all complete their interviews in good time, a recruiter is going to have cumulative hours between interviews where the only thing they can do is wait for the next appointment.

Video conferencing with Roundee helps cut some of that wasted time, leaving you more hours to focus on your other duties. With video conferencing, you don’t even have to leave your desk – finish your interview, hang up and get on with your regular work until it’s time for the next one.

What’s more, Roundee delivers a suite of features you need as a recruiter in a mobile or desktop video conferencing solution. Share files with your interviewee as part of an assessment, take personal timestamped notes when they mention something worth referring back to, and record the interview from end to end for later review and to assist with training. Whatever position you’re interviewing for, you’ll find Roundee the perfect complement.

For applicants: How to ace attending your first video conferencing interview

If you’ve never attended a video conferencing job interview before, don’t worry, it’s not substantially different from the in-person version. You’ll still want to dress slightly better than you will once you get the job, you’ll still want to have your answers practiced and you’ll still want to understand the company’s goals and industry, but it differs in a few key areas.

First things first, even if you’re using your tried and tested personal equipment, test it the day before. Ensure that the video conferencing software runs correctly with no lag, that your microphone and webcam are correctly configured and that your internet connection is strong.

When you’re setting up, pay attention to what’s behind you. It’s likely that this video conference is going to be the first time that the recruiter sees you – make sure you leave a good impression. Aim for professional by setting up in a clean, well-lit area. If your computer isn’t easily movable, tidy up as much as possible behind you – don’t show a potential employer your literal dirty laundry.

Finally, eye contact is just as important when attending a video conferencing interview as it is in person, it’s just a bit more awkward because that means looking directly into the camera. Practicing your responses can give you the confidence to answer fully and in detail without needing to constantly refer to how you look on the monitor, while making you look more professional and composed to the interviewer.

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