How Roundee Makes Training & Onboarding Easy

Onboarding and training new staff are two of the costliest but most vital parts of running a business. Time-consuming, labour-intensive and often frustrating, they can be a bitter pill to swallow, but one that you have to choke down if you want to ensure your staff are achieving things to the correct standard.

Fortunately, there are ways to minimise the pain of onboarding and training new staff. Using Roundee extends your capabilities in these areas in several dimensions, allowing you to create a smoother transition for a new employee into their role. Find out how Roundee is making it possible in our latest blog.

Start teaching before they even walk through the door

Every business wants new hires who can hit the ground running, but onboarding can take weeks or months – that’s valuable time when your new staff member isn’t performing at maximum efficiency. For technically-focused, niche or highly regulated industries, the margin for error even for new personnel can be very thin, so ensuring that from day one your staff understand their role and the risks involved is vital.

Roundee can help. Whether because they have a minimum notice period or are moving to your location from another state or country, it’s not always possible for new hires to meet up casually with an employer or senior staff prior to their official commencement date. Using Roundee’s advanced video conferencing capabilities, you’ll be able to hold rich, productive conversations with new hires wherever they are. And with screen sharing capabilities, you’ll be able to show them what their work is going to look like weeks before they get to their desk.

Library resources

A library of resources

Some people learn better by doing, and others learn better by watching. But if your new hire is one of the latter, it can be so difficult to find the right moment to get them to shadow another employee. The answer is: don’t. Roundee’s sophisticated recording capabilities make it easier than ever to build up a catalogue of resources for new hires, covering everything from basic account management practices like negotiating project delivery dates to sales tips and tricks to help them get started.

If you’ve already got your employees in the habit of recording their client meetings for security and due diligence purposes, you’ve already got a working library of how-to’s just sitting there. Have someone comb through the recordings, picking out the best examples of handling escalations, onboarding clients, negotiating sales and whatever else is core to your business. Then, provide this collection to staff to pick through at their leisure, giving them a strong reference point for best practice in their new roles.

Go for a ride-along

Sometimes you need to be able to see things in action. Once your new starter can be trusted to work with clients themselves, it’s natural that they could benefit from support from a senior staff member every now and then.

Roundee makes it simple and easy, even if your new hire, your client and yourself are in three different rooms. Supporting up to six participants in every meeting, it’s easy for managers and supervisors to jump in and provide a bit of help when new hires require it. You can even flip the roles and have new starters play the silent role, watching more experienced staff members deal with clients live.

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