How Roundee Helps You Retain Data Smarter

How Roundee Helps You Retain Data Smarter

Modern businesses are required by law and by best practice to maintain a wide range of records on all aspects of the organisation. From financial data to information relating to customer relationship management, employee records and more, there’s so much to keep track of and much that can go wrong.

When deployed alongside complementary technologies and accompanied by a strong culture of record-keeping, Roundee can help to make keeping records simpler and easier. If you’ve never considered how video conference recording could support you, read on and let our latest article show you how this feature better protects and enables your business.

General record-keeping

Your employees are the people who make your business what it is. If you’re serious about delivering quality products and services for your customers, ensure that your employees are providing the best performance you can by taking the time to track and measure it. But finding out who your stand-out employees are can be difficult. Reports and one-on-one meetings with your team can only take you so far, so if you truly want to understand where your client-facing employees stand, take the time to review their in-meeting performance through Roundee’s recording functionality.

Additionally, while not a popular topic of discussion, it’s important to have a process in place for the tracking, recording and management of customer complaints and disputes with other businesses. When clients have concerns about the work being delivered or suppliers and partners want to renegotiate the terms of agreements, its vital that management and other stakeholders have a clear picture of who promised what to whom, how it was said, and how it was received. These details might sound small but can often make the difference between a successful renegotiation and a bitter dissolution of a partnership.

Whether you’re assessing employee performance or protecting yourself in the event of a breakdown in relationship, ensure that you have a complete picture of the situation. Roundee’s recording functionality make it easy for managers and other decision-makers to know in more precision and detail than ever before exactly how their business is functioning. Take control of your record-keeping and discover how Roundee could extend you capabilities.

Industry-specific regulations

For many businesses, it’s also worth considering if you’re required by regulation or standard operating practice to retain certain kinds of records. In certain highly regulated industries such as law, organisations are required to both keep more comprehensive records on a wider range of data points and retain these records for a longer period of time.

For example, in many jurisdictions in the United States, lawyers are required to preserve a client’s file for a period of six years after the completion or termination of representation in the relevant matter. Correspondence relating the matter is often required to be stored alongside the file, and in an era when we’re presented with more and more digital communication methods, consolidating all of these into a single linear record can be difficult.

Roundee simplifies the matter. While there are certain things that are best expressed in writing via email, Roundee offers a simple, effective way for people working in regulated industries to speak with their clients. Enjoy high-definition video conferencing capabilities with the peace of mind that comes from being able to instantly record up to an hour of every meeting and take time-stamped notes. Make tracking client correspondence that much simpler and switch your team to Roundee.

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