An Integrated Approach – How Roundee Fits Into Your Existing Communications Infrastructure

An Integrated Approach – How Roundee Fits Into Your Existing Communications Infrastructure

Roundee offers a new approach to video conferencing. Rich in features and built on some of the most advanced teleconferencing and security technology on the market, it delivers the capabilities and the reliability you need in a business communications platform.

However, many businesses are highly reluctant to acquire new IT assets that are a dramatic departure from their existing infrastructure, expressing concerns about compatibility and lost productivity. Fortunately for them, as part of our dedication to ensuring an exceptional user experience for every Roundee user, we’ve built the platform from the ground up to integrate smoothly and seamlessly with your existing technologies and practices.

If you’ve been looking for a way to make communication simpler and more meaningful at your business, read on and discover how easy it is to make Roundee a part of your organisation.

Use it instantly

Roundee represents a revolution in video conferencing technology without the learning curve. Rich in functionality including one-click video recording, fast and simple in meeting file transfer and powerful admin controls, it delivers all of this in a zero-install, maintenance free-package.

Unlike other enterprise video conferencing solutions that require specialised hardware, lengthy rollout periods and extensive staff training, Roundee just works every time and everywhere. On phone, tablet, laptop and desktop, all you have to do to access beautiful, high-definition video conferencing capabilities is click one button on our homepage. No software licenses to manage, no thousand-dollar cameras to install – just click and speak with the microphone and camera you already have.

Best of all, the interface has been carefully designed to be as straightforward and simple as possible. Even novices to video conferencing can quickly get to grips with even Roundee’s most advanced features, ensuring that in a matter of days – not months – your entire organisation is holding more meaningful meetings, the way they were meant to be had.

Integrated with the world’s favourite business technologies

Whatever your business runs on, know that Roundee works with it. Roundee’s one-click meeting functionality makes setting up meetings via email simple and easy. Just start your meeting and send the link, or schedule a meeting for later through the website and ensure that your next meeting is your most valuable yet.

Roundee is a system built for teams. As such, we’ve ensures that our platform closely integrates with Slack. With more than 8 million users, Slack is one of the world’s favourite business communication tools, used at companies of every size in every industry.

We know Slack is a huge part of the modern business environment, so we’ve built Roundee from the ground up to integrate with this cutting edge communication technology. Start calls with individuals and groups directly from Slack, and have your recording sent directly to your Slack inbox when the meeting is concluded.

Roundee – it’s meetings made meaningful.

Host free video calls with your teams in just a few seconds and stay productive. No download required, it works on your web browser.

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