How Does Cloud Based Video Conferencing Work

How Does Cloud Based Video Conferencing Work

When many professionals think of video conferencing, they imagine walls of displays, ultra-high-definition pan-tilt-zoom cameras and power-hungry onsite servers running it all.

With that image in their mind, it’s no wonder so many of them shy away from the thought of implementing it at their business.

Fortunately, there is a lighter, faster, cheaper and more convenient alternative – cloud based video conferencing. Built from the ground up for the modern, agile workforce, platforms like Roundee work wherever and whenever you need them to, delivering powerful features without the hassle.

But how does cloud based video conferencing work, and what sets these systems apart from the nightmare described above? Let Roundee help you make the smarter business decision by highlighting the four ways in which cloud based platforms differ from on-premise systems.

No set up

Want to build on-premise video conferencing capabilities into your business? Great! It should be up and running in a couple of months. Here’s the bill for stage one of the installation. The trades people will be in tomorrow to start installation – please tell your staff to keep clear of the construction site.

Instead of going through all of that, choose a system that works anywhere, any time without set up. Cloud based video conferencing’s greatest strength is that you won’t have to wait a week, a day, or even a minute for installation to complete. Just click to start a meeting and you’re in. No finding the setup file, no getting IT in to run installation – one click and you’re in.

No hardware requirement

Other than the device you already have, of course!

Full feature video conference rooms can cost millions of dollars, and individual desktop solutions often aren’t much better – regularly costing thousands of dollars with many running into the tens of thousands. What’s more, you aren’t even free after making the initial purchases – often these platforms lock you into corporate ecosystems where you’re forced to rely on proprietary hardware. This can include everything from cameras to monitors, control panels and more, keeping your company on the line for years.

Roundee is something different. Built for flexibility, it works on whatever you already have as long as its got a browser.. Desktops? Check. Laptops? Check. Phones and tablets? Absolutely. Know you’ll always be able to keep in touch no matter what device you have with Roundee.

No maintenance

Hardware breaks down, software licenses need renewing, firmware needs updating, and all of them need paid technical staff to do it. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else could look after all of that? And we don’t mean paying a consultant $200 an hour to run an install file.

Roundee runs entirely in the cloud, so all maintenance is taken out of your hands. It’s your meetings running on our hardware, our software, and managed our team. All you have to concern yourself with is making sure you stick to the agenda.

If you want to find out how cloud based video conferencing could work in your business, test it out today by starting your first Roundee meeting.

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