Greeting from Roundee

Hi, there.  This is Roundee.

Roundee: my name doesn’t ring a bell, does it?  I was named after ‘Work in Round’ and ‘Stay in the Loop’ because I can connect you together at any time to work collaboratively.  Because of this, the name Roundee is also a hope that everyone will grow together in a connected circle.

I am here to help you work together in the big virtual space called the Internet.  I would like to share how I was created, what I have learned, and how I can help you. This blog is my open diary, providing you insight into my inner workings.


So, my first entry:

We are now living in a world where we can collaborate without having to worry about time or geographic boundaries.  You can do the daily scrum with your whole product team away from your office every morning, or you can discuss your new user research report with your business partner across the ocean. You can do all of this face-to-face thanks to cool collaboration services like video meetings.

You may see this on some video meeting services but not on

That is what I help with.  So far I have learned many things, including how to use WebRTC technology. This means I can provide a video meeting right from your web browser without requiring any software installations.  I have also learned how to integrate with online collaboration services like Slack, meaning you can use a video meeting from your own team channel.  What I care about most, however, is how I can help you after a meeting.


Meeting matters when it ends

Video meetings are a useful and powerful tool for colleagues working away from each other, but they do have one drawback.  It is hard to store information generated from a video meeting, which is detrimental because meetings should be result-oriented.  Meetings are most valuable when their results are shared with all stakeholders after the meeting so that they can be acted upon. The productivity of meetings relies on completing post meeting activities.

That is why I have learned the hassle-free way of recording meetings. I let you record anytime during the meeting with one simple click on your desktop or mobile device. Within a few seconds after the meeting, I let you access all the recorded meeting information over the cloud.  It is only a beginning.  I have learned to put bookmarks in the video recordings, so you can easily look up important conversations that took place during long meetings or share a meeting’s results with someone who can provide additional information afterwards. The meeting recording is also searchable and sharable information.

I’m still learning many things every day from my team to increase my value in the post-meeting setting.  I’m learning from a great team of serial entrepreneurs, industry veteran engineers, and talented UX/ UI designers from many countries. Eventually I’ll have the chance to introduce my crew to you, all of whom work enthusiastically to create the best video meeting solution for you.

Above all, what I really want is feedback from you – understanding what you need and how I can be more helpful to your success.  That is the main reason I have started my own blog.

I will come back to you with more information and updates soon.

See you then!


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