Breaking Down Info Silos with Video Conferencing

Breaking Down Information Silos In Large Organizations

They’re the bane of any manager – information silos. In a modern, fast-paced marketplace, information needs to flow freely and on demand from person to person and department to department in order to allow them to do their best work. When this system breaks down – when information is hoarded instead of shared – is when a company has real problems.

Whether you’re looking to avoid the formation of information silos in your business or you’re already battling them, we want to help. Read on and let Roundee show you how to keep the information flowing in your organization.

Build a strong vision

Breaking down information silos starts at the top. Left to their own devices, individual teams and departments have a tendency to drift out of alignment with the business’ core goals when those goals and that vision is not clearly and consistently re-articulated. Think of it like flying a plane – unless you make constant small adjustments, it’s likely that external factors such as wind and initial calculation errors will compound over time, leaving you well off course!

Ensuring that everyone at all times understands what the over-arching vision of the company is defined in writing and reiterated constantly is essential. This means more than just a weekly email – management must model this vision in what they do and how they conduct their work, giving workers a clear target to follow from below.

Share and share alike

This can be the hardest one to deal with. At many companies, it’s all too common to find departments who just refuse to share information and resources. Whether it’s because of inter-departmental resources, an erroneous belief that they perform better when they’re not ‘beholden to’ (in reality supported by) other departments, or a previous lack of support on the part of the broader organization, there are often teams who need to be taught how to connect to the rest of the company.

If you’ve built a persuasive vision and communicated it effectively, you should already be starting to see this change, but don’t get complacent. Consider the information sharing tools available in your organization – are they fit for purpose? With the average organization’s data storage and processing needs growing every year, it may simply be that your ability to manage information has bene outstripped by the sheer volume you need to look after. Rethinking how your organization shares data and what each department’s reporting requirements are can help to spread the love a bit more.

Strong lines of communication

What’s sharing without communication? Ensuring that each department fully understands the needs of all other teams helps it pre-empt issues and requirements before they become critical, resulting in a smoother running system.

But that means enabling richer communication, which can be difficult when your team is spread across an office, a state or the world. Roundee helps your team hold meaningful meetings even when people are separated by thousands of kilometers. High-definition video conferencing capabilities and a deep feature set give your team the functionality they need to fully understand each other’s needs while ensuring clear lines of accountability.

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