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The Best Free Video Conferencing App for 2019

Why Roundee Is the Best Free Video Conferencing App

In a world that’s never been more connected, ensure that you have the right tools to form stronger relationships with customers, clients and potential business partners. Video conferencing has changed the way professionals relate to each other, but not all platforms are created equal. 

Instability, low call quality and a lack of necessary features can all make a video conferencing platform more of a burden than a convenience, and that’s before you factor in cost. Many video conferencing platforms are ferociously expensive, costing thousands of dollars in monthly subscription fees or one-off user licenses. 

At Roundee, we want to change that. We’re a video conferencing platform that delivers simple, easy-to-use video conferencing with industry-leading call quality and the features you need. Read on and learn why we need to the next tool your business picks up. 

Goes anywhere, runs on anything 

The world is moving away from static computing. More and more businesses are investing in mobile computing solutions, allowing employees to work wherever and whenever it suits them. This change is only natural considering the rise in mobile device power and ubiquity. 

Unfortunately, some video conferencing software developers haven’t got the memo. Many platforms still either function best on desktop or laptops or – worse – only function on a single operating system. 

Roundee takes a completely platform agnostic approach to video conferencing, running entirely in a web browser on mobile, desktop, laptop and tablet. Equally at home on a 6.5-inch iPhone XS screen as it is on a 32-inch monitor hooked up to a Windows tower, Roundee delivers beautiful, high-definition video calls on whatever you use. 

Powerful host features

Running entirely in a web browser doesn’t meant that Roundee compromises on features. We’re a long way from the mid-2000s – in the decades since a number of services popularized low-cost, minimal-hardware video conferencing, users have demanded and been granted more and more sophisticated features. From file sharing to note taking, whiteboards and more, these software suites have grown in leaps and bounds. 

Roundee is no exception. We offer an industry-leading cloud-based video conferencing recording feature, allowing hosts to record their entire meetings and securely back them up to their Roundee profile for later retrieval in a range of video and audio file formats. Hosts can also take timestamped notes during the meeting, helping them quickly refer back to specific moments in the discussion on review. Send files, express ideas on a built-in whiteboard or share your screen with meeting participants all at the click of a button.  

Secure, sophisticated backend 

A video conferencing system that isn’t secure, stable and delivers exceptional call quality simply isn’t worth your time – how many fuzzy, stuttering video calls have you been disconnected from over the years? 

That’s why Roundee was built from the ground up to offer customers something different. Up to six participants can enjoy full HD video conferences on a system designed for minimal disruption, allowing you to get on with your business. We take your data privacy seriously, using HTTPS (SSL/TLS) to encrypt data in transactions between a user client and our servers

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