Benefits of Video Conferencing in Business

The Advantages of Using Video Conferencing in Your Business

The 21st century is making more demands of businesses than ever before. You need to move faster, working closer with more clients in more markets around the globe. These new requirements can be taxing for many organisations to meet, leading to them missing opportunities and spreading themselves thinner, leading to reduced outcomes and potentially lost revenue.

New demands call for new tools to help meet them – Roundee delivers the power you need to effortlessly stay in touch with colleagues and clients without costing your company significantly. Read on and learn how you could save money and build better partnerships with Roundee.

Video conferencing with your clients helps you build deeper relationships

An in-person meeting gives you a chance to see someone, shake their hand and really get stuck into a problem. With no barriers between you and the distance of a conference table, it’s easy to talk through an issue and arrive at a mutually beneficial solution.

But sometimes in-person meetings aren’t possible. Whether because of geographical distance, cost or scheduling conflicts, it’s not always possible for you to get in the same room as your colleague or client. Instead, we often fall back on inferior options like email, phone calls and instant messaging. While useful in their own way and a valuable part of any communication system, all of these communication methods sacrifice communication quality for portability, accessibility or convenience. Think of all of the emails you’ve received whose meaning radically changes depending on which tone you read it in.

Corporate video conferencing with Roundee offers your businesses all the benefits with none of the disadvantages. Don’t just hear your client’s voice down a crackly telephone line – see them in beautiful high definition video while ensuring you’re heard thanks to Roundee’s crisp audio processing. It’s so realistic, it’s the next best thing to being there. With full mobile conferencing functionality, you’ll be able to talk to your team wherever and whenever you need to.

Enjoy massive financial benefits with video conferencing

In-person meetings are expensive. Even when held onsite at your premises, there’s hidden labour costs and overheads to be accounted for. It gets even worse should your team have to travel. Between flights, accommodation and sundries, your business could be out of pocket by several thousand dollars. Additionally, if your sales team was meeting with a prospect, that’s money spent well before any promise of a sale.

Video conferencing helps you minimise or eliminate all of those costs, turning potentially dozens of outgoing expenses into two – the price of your system (if that) and the cost of your team’s labour. What’s more, the right system help you do even more over the internet than you could do in person. Many video conferencing platforms allow screen sharing, recording and cloud storage of the meeting and file transfer, helping you communicate in more and richer ways than ever before.

You’ll save even more choosing Roundee. Available for free for all users, it’s the low-cost way to communicate with colleagues, clients and partners. Spend less and talk more with Roundee.

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