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Making the Best Use of Roundee’s Recording Feature

Roundee’s recording feature offers amazing functionality to businesses in a range of industries but getting the most out of means taking a considered approach. We want Roundee to be an indispensable part of your business. If you’re already using Roundee, read on and let us show you how to intelligently use our recording feature to […]

Deeper Collaboration with Screen Sharing

While a valuable feature that’s included in almost every video conferencing platform – including Roundee – screen sharing is not as widely used by staff outside technical fields as video calls. There are a multitude of potential explanations for this, but the upshot is that it’s highly likely that your organisation is not making maximum […]

Video Conferencing Etiquette: 2 Do’s & 2 Don’ts

Getting the right teleconferencing software for your meeting is one thing, but if you truly want to have an effective and efficient exchange of ideas, you need to know how to use it well. Just like an in-person meeting, there are certain codes of etiquette that must be observed when participating in a video conference. […]

How to Use Video Conferencing in the Classroom

How To Use Video Conferencing In The Classroom Video conferencing is an exciting technology, helping people across the globe share ideas, collaborate on projects and work together like never before. While many businesses have already realised the value that video conferencing offers in immediacy, convenience and communication quality, other sectors have been slow to adopt […]

Advantages of Video Conferencing in Small Business

The Advantages of Video Conferencing In Small Business If you’re running a small business with limited resources, you need to be sure that every choice you make to acquire or implement technology and processes is the right one. Smaller organisations don’t have the luxury of time, personnel and resources that larger corporations do that allow […]

How Roundee Makes Training & Onboarding Easy

Onboarding and training new staff are two of the costliest but most vital parts of running a business. Time-consuming, labour-intensive and often frustrating, they can be a bitter pill to swallow, but one that you have to choke down if you want to ensure your staff are achieving things to the correct standard. Fortunately, there […]