Advantages of Video Conferencing in Small Business

The Advantages of Video Conferencing In Small Business

If you’re running a small business with limited resources, you need to be sure that every choice you make to acquire or implement technology and processes is the right one. Smaller organisations don’t have the luxury of time, personnel and resources that larger corporations do that allow them to experiment with a few approaches. When a small business chooses to build something new, they need to be certain that it’s going to add value.

Video conferencing is a tool most small businesses could definitely afford to add. Not only are low cost options available that work with your existing business technology, video conferencing offers definite advantages even in small business settings. If you’re looking to implement meaningful change in your workplace, start by giving your team the tools they need to work better and smarter than ever before. Read on and learn how video conferencing could enhance your business with Roundee.

Reduce your overheads

Even small businesses sometimes find their travel expenses running away from them. Between taxi rides, plane tickets, hotel rooms, portable technology, food and other sundries, it can be extremely expensive putting your team members in the same room as your clients or your business partners.

Video conferencing allows you to enjoy the same richness of meeting without the cost of booking an interstate or international flight. Roundee offers access to one of the world’s most advanced teleconferencing platforms for free, allowing you to ensure you’re able to spend your money where it’s most likely to help your business grow.

Increased productivity

Travel isn’t just expensive – it’s time consuming. All those hours spent in the back of a cab or on an economy class flight are hours that your team isn’t able to work at their full capacity. Even if your team has the most efficient portable business technology money can buy, there’s simply no way they will be as productive on a red-eye flight as they will be in their own office during business hours.

Video conferencing turns hours of travel to get to a meeting into seconds. Instead of a flight across state-lines or around the globe, all your team has to do is walk down the corridor to a meeting room. They’ll have more time to action decisions made in the meeting, helping you build better relationships with your clients.

More satisfying meetings

Compared to other forms of communication such as phone calls, emails and instant messaging, cloud video conferencing helps you get more done. While sometimes your best option is to quickly dash off a Facebook message or call on the hands-free in the car, these forms of communication don’t offer the richness and connection of video conferencing. Being able to see your conversation partner gives you a better idea of what they’re saying and how they’re feeling, helping you create deeper connections that lead to more productive business relationships.

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